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Apache JMeter: Part 3 – Hacking JMeter to Customize the Listening Port on the Client

By default, there’s no way to set which port that the Apache JMeter client (master) listens on for the response of a test – and it always uses a random port instead! That means you have to open up your firewall on ports 45000-70000 to run it, which sucks. It’s easy enough to patch, though! Below, you can download my patched source to build your own copy:

JMeter 2.4 Patched Source

If you are using a newer version of JMeter than 2.4 (the latest, as of the time of writing this), directions follow for which files probably need to be updated. If you’ve never built JMeter or a Java application from source, you are also in luck, as all the gory details are here, too! (more…)

Scriptaculous / Prototype IE 8 Autocomplete disappearing problem

In Internet Explorer 8, it seems that Scriptaculous / Prototype sometimes miscalculate exactly where to place the autocomplete box. As a result, it will usually not show up at all, since it’s off the screen. The trick here is that it’s calculating a left and top absolute position that are wrong, and then writing them directly to the element as inline styles.

The solution, though a bit of a hack, is to write styles for the div container that use the !important rule, which will override any inline styles. Here’s what the fix should look like:

#my_auto_complete {
position: relative !important;
top: -10px !important;
left: 0px !important;