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Bill Hunt

Washington, DC, US

Currently I'm the Mission Operations Lead for the Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer (OFCIO) at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), where I lead the White House's efforts on Cloud and data center policy. As architect of the 2018 Federal Cloud Computing Strategy ("Cloud Smart"), I work with cabinet-level agencies to drive IT modernization and maturity across the Federal enterprise.

At heart, I believe in openness, collaboration, and transparency to make things better — software, teams, and government. You can read all about everything I've done below, or download my resume.


September 2017 Present

Mission Operations Lead Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer Office of Management and Budget

As Mission Operations Lead for OFCIO, I lead the White House's efforts on Cloud and data center policy. As architect of the 2018 Federal Cloud Computing Strategy ("Cloud Smart"), I work with cabinet-level agencies to drive IT modernization and maturity across the Federal enterprise. In my first year at OMB, I received the prestigious Professional Achievement Award — an honor usually given after three years of exceptional service — for my innovative, collaborative approach to this work, and in 2019 I was also named to the Federal 100 list.

  • 2019 Federal 100
  • 2018 OMB Professional Achievement Award
  • 2018 Federal Cloud Computing Strategy (Cloud Smart)
May 2017 September 2017

Digital Services Expert Department of Veterans Affairs United States Digital Service

In 2017, I served a tour of duty with USDS at the Department of Veterans Affairs. During my time at the VA, I worked closely with the modernization teamson several technical policy initiatives, including identity management, authentication, mobile application strategy, patient scheduling, and open data.

August 2016 November 2016

Senior Technology Adviser Sunlight Foundation

The Sunlight Foundation is a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that uses civic technologies, open data, policy analysis and journalism to make government and politics more accountable and transparent to all. I served as Senior Technology Adviser through their board transition, working with the Labs Director to shut down their technology program responsibly. This involved transferring their dozens of projectsto new maintainers, and ensuring that all of their tools were released as open source software for the public to use. Kat Duffy and I were named Legal Hackers of the Year 2016 by DC Legal Hackers for this work.

  • 2016 Legal Hacker of the Year (DC Legal Hackers)
August 2013 August 2016

Lead Developer OpenGov Foundation

The OpenGov Foundation was founded by Congressman Issa in 2013, as an outgrowth of the effort to fight SOPA and PIPA. Today, OpenGov works to create policy and tools for government openness and transparency. As Lead Developer, I worked with officials at all levels of government – local to federal, both nationally and abroad – to make the law open and accessible to everyone. I oversaw the development of our two flagship applications, Madison and The State Decoded, which are used by governments and organizations all over the world. I was also an original member of the Free Law Founders, working on open law, legislation, data policy, and open standards.

  • Free Law Founders (original member)
  • The State Decoded
  • Project Madison
April 2012 August 2013

Lead DevOps Engineer WillowTree Apps

WillowTree Apps is one of the largest and fastest-growing mobile app companies in the country. As Lead DevOps Engineer, I oversaw and architected dozens of projects to deliver high- availability Cloud-based solutions for some of the most popular mobile apps and best-known brands in the world. I also spent time with the Web Application Team, building bleeding-edge, mobile-first and responsive websites.

January 2010 May 2012

Lead Developer Boyd Caton Group

BCG is a government contractor focusing on transportation oversight, with clients including the Federal Transit Administration and WMATA. During my time as Lead Developer, I lead the team working on several Federal safety websites, met with top agency officials, lead the rebranding and redesign of our company website, and created a series of data visualization dashboards and tools for safety and security information for a variety of audiences.

January 2008 January 2010

Lead Developer & QA Manager Hotelicopter

Hotelicopter was a hotel booking startup with over 20 partners and many times the inventory of its contemporary, Kayak. Serving the dual roles of Lead Developer and Quality Assurance Manager, I ran several international teams, integrating three shifts across overlapping timezones. Hotelicopter was acquired in 2012 by a joint venture group consisting of Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott and others.

September 2003 January 2008

Senior Programmer Category 4

Category4 (now called Convoy) is one of the longest-running web development shops in Virginia. I worked with dozens of clients during my years here, building a variety of applications to suit different project needs. In the time before Etsy and Shopify, we built one of the first reusable, customizable e-commerce engines, and I created one of the first applications to show real estate listings on the internet. Category4 won the Gold award from the American Marketing Association two years in a row for websites that I worked on.

  • 2005 American Marketing Association Gold Award
  • 2004 American Marketing Association Gold Award
June 2000 September 2001

Programmer Munk & Phyber

One of the earliest web development companies, Munk & Phyber built some of the very first e- commerce websites in the world, as well as making sites for local non-profits and artists. M&P was one of the first companies to use PHP – a relatively unknown programming language at the time, but which now powers over 80% of websites in the world.

April 1996 May 2017

Freelance Developer

I've spent over two decades building hundreds of sites and applications for a variety of clients. Throughout my work, I’ve stayed current with the latest cutting-edge tools. I've created plugins and themes for popular content management systems, built custom applications in a dozen different programming languages, and written many articles about various topics from technology to management to data standards policy.