Photo of Bill Hunt

Bill Hunt

Washington, DC, US

Currently I’m serving as a Digital Services Expert at the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer (OFCIO).


My focus for the last few years has been on open data, open law & legislation, civic technology, and policy working at Sunlight Foundation and The OpenGov Foundation. Before that, I worked in many different spaces and types of organizations over the years – startups, client services, government contractors, etc.

You can read all about everything I’ve done on LinkedIn, or download my resume.


With over 20 years of web development experience, I’ve worked on hundreds of projects for a variety of clients. I’ve done a lot of work in government technology, creating policy and tools with officials at every level of government, from legislation to executive agencies – both domestic and international.  I’ve also created websites and APIs for Fortune 50 companies, handling thousands of requests per second.  My leadership background has allowed me to help startups and young organizations grow quickly, by implementing and reinforcing strong methodology with my teams – both remote and on-site.

Kat Duffy and I were named Legal Hackers of the Year 2016 by DC Legal Hackers for our work shutting down Sunlight Labs. I’m also an original member of the Free Law Founders working on open law, legislation, and data policy, as well as open standards. I’m also a core developer on The State Decoded, an open source legal data platform.

At heart, I believe in openness, collaboration, and transparency to make things better – software, teams, and government.

Previously, I worked as Digital Services Expert for the United States Digital Service at the Department of Veterans Affairs; Senior Technology Advisor to Sunlight Foundation; Lead Developer at The OpenGov Foundation; Lead DevOps Engineer at WillowTree Apps; Lead Developer at Boyd, Caton, and Grant – working on projects for the Federal Transit Administration; Lead Developer and QA Manager for Hotelicopter; Senior Programmer for Category 4 Design; and Head of PHP Development for Munk & Phyber (defunct).