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PHP Session Dropping Problem with IE 7

We were just struggling here at work with an insane problem where IE 7 (and ONLY IE 7) was dropping sessions for PHP. Literally, we would try a trivial test case of creating a session and a new session id (generated with the session_id() function) would appear each time. Checking the session_save_path showed that new sessions were being created each time. In the end, we discovered that IE 7 will not save session cookies if there is an underscore in the domain name. (Our development sites frequently have an underscore in the subdomain name – it’s amazing that we hadn’t found this out earlier.) We’ve replaced the underscore with a hyphen, and everything appears to work correctly.

Microsoft Releases IE 8 Beta

Just what we needed, another version of standards-incompliant IE to support. Yet, here it is, in all it’s terrible glory. This release apparently just playing feature-catch-up with Firefox, so one begins to wonder just what the point is. Like, why waste all this development money on a free application that is vastly inferior to the competition you could try these out.

Anyway, if you’re a developer and want to get a head start on creating all those hacks and alternate stylesheets, you can download the beta here: IE 8 Beta. (Windows only)

Note: This will overwrite any existing installation of IE.

Scriptaculous: Table issues and Forms

So I’ve been playing with Scriptaculous a bit, and doing some debugging. I have a table, in which certain rows would should appear when a link is clicked. I’ve got it set with a display:none by default and I’m using Effect.SlideDown to have it appear. Now due to how display and opacity on tables, trs, and tds are handled by just about every browser, there were several unexpected results.


Quickie: IE and window.close()

IE tends to do some funny things with its security settings. In particular, if your settings are high enough, window.close() will throw a warning or silently stop working entirely. This is definitely not our preferred behavior, and luckily, there’s an easy hack provided by FatTonny on the SitePoint Forums.

window.opener = window;

That’s all there is too it! Happy coding!