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Fix for Adium Not Working with MSN Messenger Bug

For the last few months, I haven’t been able to use MSN Messenger with Adium. I’d log in, but it would just hang endlessly. Searching the bug reports was frustrating, and didn’t provide any insights. Today I found this obscure post which gives the solution. Apparently M$N changed the default connection settings without Adium making the change on their end to your account automatically. To resolve this, open the Preferences panel and Edit the account in question. Choose the Options tab (I didn’t even know this existed) and set Login Server to, Port to 80 and turn on (check) the Connect via HTTP box. Once you turn back on your account, everything should be working fine.

fbCal: the missing Facebook-Calendar bridge.

I just happened across fbCal, which allows you to subscribe to your Facebook birthday list and events directly in your favorite calendar app (iCal in my case).  If you’re as calendar-obsessed as myself, you should check it out!

Getting a handle on Pandora

I’m a huge fan of Pandora. – it’s great for finding new music or just chilling out listening to some of my well-crafted stations. However, the fact that I’m completely tied to my browser to enjoy it makes me crazy. In particular, the fact that I can’t control the player without the window being active, as I’m able to do with iTunes (and some clever Quicksilver/Applescript magic). Enter PandoraBoy. It’s a Mac-only application that interfaces with Pandora. The best part is that it’s scriptable. (more…)

Virtual Box for Leopard released

For those of you who don’t follow these things with bated breath, VirtualBox just finally released <a href="http://www.virtualbox team project management” title=”Virtual Box Downloads”>a working version for OS X 10.5. Only 4 months late there, guys. What this means for you is absolutely free PC emulation, so you can run Windows within OS X.