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Defensive Programming

As a web developer, the greater part of my job is not creating new apps, but hacking together disparate software packages into Frankensteinian amalgamations that (supposedly) work together seamlessly.  This is universally a headache, as the original authors tend to write code thinking that their app is the only one that will be installed.  WordPress, Vanilla, and Interspire’s Email Marketer are some of the worst offenders that I struggle with regularly.

When coding your own brilliant application, there are a few simple things you can do to avoid potential collisions and headaches later, especially if anyone else will be using your code.  Here are a few areas to pay attention to. (more…)

MySQL: The Having Clause

This one has been driving me crazy for years helpful site.

Let’s say that you have a MySQL database with a bunch of users in it, and you want to see only those users that have duplicate email addresses. (more…)