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Scriptaculous Sortable Create onUpdate Event Not Firing

I’ve been having trouble with a Scriptaculous sortable object that wasn’t catching the onUpdate function I’d assigned. In this case, I was using an UL for the parent with LIs inside. After digging into the code, I discovered that there are several criteria that must be for the actual items that are going to be sortable, or else the event won’t fire. These are: (more…)

PHP Session Dropping Problem with IE 7

We were just struggling here at work with an insane problem where IE 7 (and ONLY IE 7) was dropping sessions for PHP. Literally, we would try a trivial test case of creating a session and a new session id (generated with the session_id() function) would appear each time. Checking the session_save_path showed that new sessions were being created each time. In the end, we discovered that IE 7 will not save session cookies if there is an underscore in the domain name. (Our development sites frequently have an underscore in the subdomain name – it’s amazing that we hadn’t found this out earlier.) We’ve replaced the underscore with a hyphen, and everything appears to work correctly.

fbCal: the missing Facebook-Calendar bridge.

I just happened across fbCal, which allows you to subscribe to your Facebook birthday list and events directly in your favorite calendar app (iCal in my case).  If you’re as calendar-obsessed as myself, you should check it out!