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Getting a handle on Pandora

I’m a huge fan of Pandora. – it’s great for finding new music or just chilling out listening to some of my well-crafted stations. However, the fact that I’m completely tied to my browser to enjoy it makes me crazy. In particular, the fact that I can’t control the player without the window being active, as I’m able to do with iTunes (and some clever Quicksilver/Applescript magic). Enter PandoraBoy. It’s a Mac-only application that interfaces with Pandora. The best part is that it’s scriptable. (more…)

Unfuddle Love

I’m really starting to fall for Unfuddle. For those who don’t know, it’s another Basecamp clone for managing projects. I just discovered that if you’re using the source control (Subversion-based) that they provide, they parse the svn messages for key phrases like “Resolves Ticket #1001”, and update the associated ticket in their system to match. Which is a gotcha if you’re not aware of it, but awesome once you are. (more…)

Microsoft Releases IE 8 Beta

Just what we needed, another version of standards-incompliant IE to support. Yet, here it is, in all it’s terrible glory. This release apparently just playing feature-catch-up with Firefox, so one begins to wonder just what the point is. Like, why waste all this development money on a free application that is vastly inferior to the competition you could try these out.

Anyway, if you’re a developer and want to get a head start on creating all those hacks and alternate stylesheets, you can download the beta here: IE 8 Beta. (Windows only)

Note: This will overwrite any existing installation of IE.

Quick Tip: Google Reader Folders and Tags

For those not so in-the-know, RSS feeds are a different way of reading content from your favorite sites. The advantage is that all of your content is aggregated into a single location, for easy reading. The main problem is that most every feed-reader sucks or is overpriced. Google has finally polished their free Reader app, and I’ve switched to it exclusively. The big benefit of it is the ability to group feeds by user-defined categories. (more…)

Virtual Box for Leopard released

For those of you who don’t follow these things with bated breath, VirtualBox just finally released <a href="http://www.virtualbox team project management” title=”Virtual Box Downloads”>a working version for OS X 10.5. Only 4 months late there, guys. What this means for you is absolutely free PC emulation, so you can run Windows within OS X.