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Virtual Box for Leopard released

For those of you who don’t follow these things with bated breath, VirtualBox just finally released <a href="http://www.virtualbox team project management” title=”Virtual Box Downloads”>a working version for OS X 10.5. Only 4 months late there, guys. What this means for you is absolutely free PC emulation, so you can run Windows within OS X.

BBEdit: Regular Expression Case Change Options

I’m a huge fan of Regular Expressions. They are, without a doubt, the single most powerful tool in the programmer’s toolbox. BBEdit, my favorite text editor, happens to have really excellent regular expression support. Among its features is the ability to change the case of matched text – which is really great if you’re having to reformat lists or, say, rename every function in your code. (more…)

Javascript Event Handling With prototype’s bind()

In Javascript, the native event handlers have the infuriating problem of not allowing the user to pass in additional parameters. Normally, when you want to handle an onclick or the like, you can only reference this (meaning the event itself). So everything you want to handle, you have to create a completely isolated custom function for. Not at all efficient. The Prototype library provides a solution. (more…)

Scriptaculous: Simultaneous Animation Effects

I remember my first programming class. I was seven. For the life of me, I could not make that damn turtle draw a star while playing music at the same time to save my life (or my grade). This is generally just as painful and traumatic to do in Javascript as it is in Logo.

The thing that makes Scriptaculous totally amazing is native simultaneous effects go right here. Meaning, you can do a shape tween and an opacity change all at the same time, no jerkiness or anything. You can just pass in an array of effects to render, and it does them all at the same time.

Scriptaculous: Table issues and Forms

So I’ve been playing with Scriptaculous a bit, and doing some debugging. I have a table, in which certain rows would should appear when a link is clicked. I’ve got it set with a display:none by default and I’m using Effect.SlideDown to have it appear. Now due to how display and opacity on tables, trs, and tds are handled by just about every browser, there were several unexpected results.