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Quickie: IE and window.close()

IE tends to do some funny things with its security settings. In particular, if your settings are high enough, window.close() will throw a warning or silently stop working entirely. This is definitely not our preferred behavior, and luckily, there’s an easy hack provided by FatTonny on the SitePoint Forums.

window.opener = window;

That’s all there is too it! Happy coding!

XHTML: The Myth and You

A couple of years back, XHTML became the big new buzzword for webdevelopers and everyone (myself included) jumped on the bandwagon, converting all of their pages from HTML 4.01. However, what we didn’t realize at the time was that we were being lied to. And as a result, most everyone is still using it incorrectly.

Batch File Renaming

How many times have you had a bunch of files that you wanted to change the extension on? (more…)

MySQL: The Having Clause

This one has been driving me crazy for years helpful site.

Let’s say that you have a MySQL database with a bunch of users in it, and you want to see only those users that have duplicate email addresses. (more…)